Why Won’t Amazon Ship Knives to NY?

The world of e-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop. Amazon, as one of the leading e-commerce giants, is a primary shopping destination for many. However, you may have noticed something peculiar when trying to order certain items like knives. You’re not alone in this, as many people have questioned why Amazon refuses to ship knives to certain locations like New York or Massachusetts.

The root of the issue can be traced back to legal constraints and company policies. Amazon follows a strict compliance policy in alignment with federal and state laws, which often restrict the sale and shipment of certain items, including knives, to specific locations. For Amazon, adhering to these regulations is non-negotiable.

While it can be frustrating to add your desired knife to your cart only to realize Amazon won’t ship it to your address, understanding the intricacies behind this decision can clear up a lot of confusion. From varying state laws to Amazon’s compliance measures, there are several factors at play.

Unpacking the Restrictions

Understanding Legality

Laws around the ownership, sale, and transport of knives vary considerably from one state to another. The federal law provides a broad framework but allows states to impose stricter regulations if they see fit. It’s these variations in laws that are key to understanding Amazon’s knife shipping policy.

Federal and State Laws at Play

While federal law does not restrict the shipment of most knives, there are certain exceptions, including switchblades and ballistic knives. However, state laws are often more stringent. New York and Massachusetts, for instance, have their unique set of regulations that directly impact Amazon’s ability to ship knives to these areas.

Amazon’s Stand on Compliance

Amazon has a responsibility to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws. In line with this commitment, they’ve implemented policies that restrict the sale and shipment of certain products, including knives, to areas where the law forbids it.

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Knife Laws in New York

Knife Ownership Laws

New York, a state known for its skyscrapers and bustling city life, also carries a reputation for its rigorous knife laws. The state has a long list of prohibited knives, which includes but isn’t limited to gravity knives, switchblades, ballistic knives, metal knuckle knives, cane swords, and even disguised knives.

While some states provide a clear definition of what makes a knife legal or illegal based on specific characteristics like blade length or the mechanism of operation, New York operates in a more ambiguous space. The city laws even go so far as to ban knives that can be opened with a “wrist-flick” test. This ambiguity often leads to confusion among knife enthusiasts and general buyers alike.

Certain exceptions do exist but are typically tailored to people who require knives for their professional activities (like chefs or carpenters) or for hunting and other outdoor adventures. However, even with these exceptions, there are stringent rules on how these knives must be carried and stored, further complicating the knife laws landscape in New York.

Buying and Shipping Regulations

Given the state’s strict knife laws, buying and shipping knives in New York can be a challenge. It isn’t just about possession; the sale and transportation of prohibited knives are also deemed illegal. Consequently, retailers, including online platforms like Amazon, are required to adhere to these laws.

This adherence means that selling a banned knife to a New York resident or shipping it to a New York address could land the seller and the buyer in legal trouble. It also extends to those who may purchase a legal knife outside of New York and then bring it into the state. Hence, if you’re finding it hard to get certain types of knives shipped to your New York address from Amazon, it’s likely the result of these stringent state laws.

Impact on Amazon Deliveries

In the grand scheme of its operations, Amazon’s stance mirrors New York’s restrictions on knife possession, sale, and transport. The company’s foremost obligation is to the law, so if a specific type of knife is deemed illegal in New York, Amazon will not ship it to that state.

This refusal isn’t limited to the purchasing stage alone. Even if a prohibited knife accidentally gets shipped to a New York address, Amazon takes measures to rectify the situation, often by recalling the package or even contacting the buyer to return the item. So, while it may initially seem inconvenient or frustrating, this policy is a proactive step from Amazon to protect both itself and its customers from potential legal repercussions.

Amazon Ship Me A Knife

Knife Laws in Massachusetts

Knife Ownership Laws

Like New York, Massachusetts also has its unique set of knife laws. However, compared to New York, the state adopts a more straightforward approach.

Massachusetts law clearly defines what types of knives are prohibited. For instance, the law prohibits the possession of stilettos, dirk knives, ballistic knives, and switchblades, among others. Any knife with a double-edged blade, regardless of the length, is also considered illegal in the state.

Yet, there’s more flexibility for knives like pocket knives or hunting knives, as long as they don’t cross the defined blade length limit. Again, exceptions exist for those who use knives in their line of work or for recreational activities, but with rules around how they can be carried or stored.

Buying and Shipping Rules

When it comes to buying and shipping, Massachusetts knife laws, like New York, pose a challenge. The laws restrict the sale, transfer, and transport of prohibited knives. Hence, retailers, including e-commerce platforms like Amazon, need to stay within these legal boundaries.

To do this, they often employ comprehensive systems that check the type of knife against the destination address, preventing any transaction that could potentially violate state laws. As a result, if you’re attempting to buy a knife on Amazon that is illegal in Massachusetts, you’ll find that Amazon refuses to ship it to your Massachusetts address.

Effect on Amazon Deliveries

Following the pattern, Amazon’s policy aligns with Massachusetts’s knife laws. This means the company will only ship those knives to Massachusetts addresses that comply with the state’s regulations.

This policy may seem rigorous, but it is crucial in ensuring Amazon’s operations remain legal. It also safeguards buyers, preventing them from unintentionally falling foul of their state’s knife laws.

why won't amazon ship knives to ny

Experiencing Problems with Amazon Knife Delivery

Common Problems Encountered

Several customers have reported issues when trying to purchase knives from Amazon. These issues aren’t due to website glitches or payment problems, but instead, are rooted in legal restrictions and Amazon’s compliance measures.

The most common issue is Amazon’s refusal to ship certain types of knives to specific addresses, particularly those in New York and Massachusetts. Customers may also experience problems with the availability of some knives, delays in shipping, or sudden cancellations of their orders.

Role of Delivery Address

The delivery address plays a pivotal role in whether or not Amazon will ship a knife. Amazon’s system uses algorithms to identify the types of items that are restricted based on the customer’s location.

So, if you enter a delivery address in New York or Massachusetts, the system will automatically limit your access to those knives which are deemed legal in your state. If you attempt to purchase a prohibited knife, you’ll likely receive a notification that Amazon can’t ship the selected product to your address.

Amazon’s Policy on Restricted Items

Amazon’s Restricted Products Policy is an essential part of its operating procedures. This policy outlines the types of products that Amazon restricts or bans from its platform, including certain types of knives.

Under this policy, Amazon reserves the right to remove a restricted product from its platform, deny shipping to specific locations, or even close the account of a seller who continually lists banned items.

Amazon’s Restricted Products List

Brief on Amazon’s Restricted Products

Amazon’s Restricted Products Policy is publicly available for all customers to review. This policy is designed to ensure that all products sold on the platform comply with legal regulations and Amazon’s community guidelines.

The policy covers a wide range of products, from drugs and drug paraphernalia to weapons, including certain types of knives.

Where to Find the List

You can find the Restricted Products list in the Help section of Amazon’s website. It provides a comprehensive rundown of all the product categories that Amazon limits or prohibits. By understanding this list, you can save yourself the frustration of unsuccessful purchases.

How Knives Fit into This Category

In the context of knives, Amazon applies both federal and state laws to determine what it can and cannot sell. Depending on these laws, some knives are completely banned, while others are simply restricted to certain locations.

Amazon Knives Category

Tips to Legally Purchase Knives in Restricted Areas

Local Stores and Legal Alternatives

Even with the restrictions on Amazon, there are still legal ways to purchase knives in areas like New York and Massachusetts. Local stores, for instance, often sell knives that comply with state laws. Similarly, you can look for legal alternatives to the type of knife you initially wanted to purchase.

Your State’s Knife Laws

One of the best ways to navigate these restrictions is by familiarizing yourself with your state’s knife laws. Knowledge is power, and understanding what makes a knife legal or illegal in your state can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Safe Practices in Knife Ownership

It’s also essential to practice safe and responsible knife ownership. This means storing your knives properly, using them for their intended purposes, and following your state’s rules for carrying knives in public spaces.


Why Does Amazon Refuse to Ship Certain Knives to My Address?

Amazon refuses to ship certain knives to specific addresses due to federal and state laws that prohibit the sale and shipment of these items to certain locations. Amazon’s policy is to comply with all legal regulations, which sometimes results in restrictions on the sale and shipping of certain types of knives.

Can I Buy a Restricted Knife Outside My State and Bring It Home?

While you may be able to purchase a knife that is restricted in your state from another location where it is legal, transporting it back to your state could be illegal. It’s always best to adhere to your state’s knife laws to avoid any potential legal issues.

How Can I Know Which Knives Are Legal in My State?

You can find information about your state’s knife laws by checking online legal resources, contacting local law enforcement agencies, or consulting with a legal expert.


The legal maze surrounding knife ownership, sale, and transportation in states like New York and Massachusetts has a direct impact on online platforms like Amazon. As a company committed to lawful operations, Amazon respects these laws, which often results in restrictions on shipping certain types of knives to these locations.

Understanding these legal constraints can clear up much of the confusion surrounding Amazon’s knife shipping policies. Whether you’re a knife enthusiast or someone looking for a specific tool for practical use, knowledge of your state’s knife laws and Amazon’s policies can help you navigate this landscape more effectively.

Ultimately, the goal is safe and legal knife ownership. By sticking to these principles, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a knife, whether for practical uses or hobbies like collecting, while staying within the bounds of the law.

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I hate NY

Your entire section about NYS knife laws has no basis in reality. Certain types of knives (switchblade and gravity, also anything > 4″ blade) are indeed illegal state-wide, but there is absolutely no legitimate reason for Amazon to not ship a plain old folding knife to a NY resident. I can go to any camping/outdoor store, gun dealer, or even Wal-Mart and walk out with any knife they sell without so much as showing my ID let alone any of that other nonsense you claim. Hell, even getting a pistol permit with CCW upgrade doesn’t require all of that stuff.


Amazon won’t ship legal knifes. In fact some years ago NY changed the law on so called gravity knives. They were interpreted incorrectly for years.


I think the problem may come down tot he fact that NY is famous for changing laws and then going after vendors immediately. They extorted millions from local vendors this way, and have messed with other large vendors as well for many other things. Cyrus Vance is no longer in office (great news for anyone who carries a knife), but NY has earned a reputation for being heavy-handed for political reasons, and suing small vefndors into oblivion. Amazon could afford a top-notch defense, but the Manhattan DA ahs goten millions from large places like Home Depot – so a number of businesses don’t trust the state to not go after them.

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