Uncle Henry Knife Serial Numbers

Uncle Henry knives, a proud American tradition, have been treasured by collectors and knife enthusiasts for decades. These well-crafted knives boast quality, durability, and a timeless aesthetic, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate fine cutlery. 

As interest in these knives has grown, so too has the importance of understanding Uncle Henry knife serial numbers for collectors who want to authenticate and value their prized possessions.

Serial numbers are an integral part of Uncle Henry knives, providing vital information about the production year, model number, and a unique identifier. With this knowledge, collectors can verify the authenticity of their knives, assess their value, and build a more comprehensive understanding of their collection.

So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Uncle Henry knife serial numbers and explore how they can enrich your experience as a collector. This comprehensive guide will take you through the history, decoding process, and valuation, along with essential tips for caring for your collection.

What are Serial Numbers?

Definition of Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are unique codes assigned to individual items during production. They consist of a combination of letters and numbers and serve as a means to track and identify products for various purposes.

Purpose of Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are used for several reasons, including:

  1. Identification: Each item can be identified by its unique serial number, which helps manufacturers track and manage inventory.
  2. Quality Control: Serial numbers make it easier for manufacturers to identify and address potential issues in the production process.
  3. Warranty and Support: Serial numbers enable manufacturers to provide customer support and honor warranties, as they can trace the product’s origin and manufacturing details.
  4. Authentication: Serial numbers help customers and collectors verify the authenticity of a product, ensuring that it is genuine and not a counterfeit.

Serial Numbers in Knife Production

In knife production, serial numbers are particularly important for collectors, as they provide valuable information about the knife’s origin, production year, and model. This information helps collectors assess the value and authenticity of their knives, making serial numbers a crucial aspect of knife collecting.

History of Uncle Henry Serial Numbers

The Beginning of Serialization

Uncle Henry knives, originally produced by Schrade Cutlery, began incorporating serial numbers in the early 1980s. Serialization was implemented as a way to enhance the knives’ collectability and provide collectors with valuable information about their knives’ origins.

Evolution of Serial Number Formats

Over the years, Uncle Henry serial numbers have evolved in format, making it essential for collectors to understand these changes. Early serial numbers typically consisted of a combination of letters and numbers, while later serial numbers transitioned to a purely numerical format.

Important Milestones in Uncle Henry Serial Numbers

In the history of Uncle Henry knife serial numbers, several milestones stand out:

  1. Introduction of serialization in the early 1980s
  2. Transition from alphanumeric to numeric serial numbers
  3. Incorporation of more detailed information in serial numbers, such as production year and model number

Decoding Uncle Henry Knife Serial Numbers

Breakdown of Serial Number Components

Production Year: The first component of the serial number represents the production year. This information helps collectors determine the age of their knife and assess its value.

Model Number: The second component of the serial number indicates the model number. Uncle Henry knives come in various models, each with unique features and designs. Knowing the model number aids collectors in identifying their knives and understanding their significance.

Unique Identifier: The final component of the serial number is a unique identifier, which distinguishes each knife from others with the same production year and model number. This identifier ensures that each Uncle Henry knife has a distinct serial number, providing an added layer of authentication for collectors.

uncle henry knife serial number

How to Read the Serial Number

To read an Uncle Henry knife serial number, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the serial number on the knife, usually engraved on the blade or the bolster.
  2. Identify the production year component, which may be represented by a letter, number, or a combination of both, depending on the knife’s age.
  3. Identify the model number component, which follows the production year.
  4. Recognize the unique identifier, which appears after the model number.

Tips for Identifying Counterfeit Knives

While serial numbers can help authenticate genuine Uncle Henry knives, counterfeiters may attempt to replicate these codes. To identify counterfeit knives, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the history and evolution of Uncle Henry serial numbers.
  2. Check the quality and craftsmanship of the knife, as counterfeit products often display inferior workmanship.
  3. Compare the serial number to known authentic knives of the same model and production year.
  4. Consult online forums, expert collectors, or reputable dealers for assistance in verifying the authenticity of a knife.

How to Date a Schrade Uncle Henry Knife

Dating a Schrade Uncle Henry knife can be a fascinating and rewarding process for collectors. By examining various aspects of the knife, you can determine its age and better understand its history. In this section, we will discuss the key factors to consider when dating a Schrade Uncle Henry knife.

Tang Stamp

The tang stamp is a mark found on the knife’s tang, which is the portion of the blade that extends into the handle. Schrade has used different tang stamps throughout its history, and these stamps can help you determine the production period of your knife.

  • Schrade-Walden: If you see “Schrade-Walden,” the knife was likely made between 1946 and 1973.
  • Schrade USA: If you see “Schrade USA” or “Schrade USA LB7” (for example), the knife was likely made between 1973 and 2004.
  • Schrade+ or Schrade Stainless: If you see “Schrade+” or “Schrade Stainless,” it’s likely made after 1985.

Handle material and design

Schrade Uncle Henry Knives have been made with different handle materials over the years. Some examples include Stagalon (a synthetic material that resembles stag antler) and Delrin (a type of plastic). Look for changes in the handle design and material to help narrow down the production date.

Blade Shape and Design

Blade shapes and designs have evolved over time, and examining these features can provide clues about the age of your Uncle Henry knife.

  1. Study the blade’s shape, grind, and any unique design elements, such as etchings or patterns.
  2. Research the history of Schrade Uncle Henry knives to determine when certain blade shapes and designs were popular or introduced.
uncle henry knife in a wooden table

Manufacturing Location

Schrade knives have been produced in different locations throughout their history, and the manufacturing location can help you date your knife.

Schrade knives were made in the United States until 2004. After 2004, the production was moved to China. If your knife has a “Made in USA” marking, it was made before 2004. If it has a “Made in China” marking, it was made after 2004.

Serial Numbers

As discussed earlier, serial numbers can provide valuable information about the production year, model number, and unique identifier for an Uncle Henry knife.

  1. Locate the serial number on your knife, as outlined in the previous sections.
  2. Decode the serial number to determine the production year and model number.

Research and Compare

To date your Schrade Uncle Henry knife accurately, it’s essential to research and compare your findings with known examples from different time periods.

  1. Consult knife collecting books, online forums, and collector groups for information about Schrade Uncle Henry knives.
  2. Compare your knife’s features, such as tang stamp, blade shape, manufacturing location, and serial number, with other examples to establish an approximate age.

Notable Uncle Henry Knife Models

Popular Models with Serial Numbers

Several Uncle Henry knife models are highly sought-after by collectors due to their unique features, design, and historical significance. Some of these popular models include:

  1. Uncle Henry LB7 Bear Paw
  2. Uncle Henry 171UH Pro Hunter
  3. Uncle Henry 897UH Signature Premium Stockman
  4. Uncle Henry 834UH Rancher

Limited Edition and Commemorative Knives

Uncle Henry has also produced limited edition and commemorative knives, which often feature unique designs, materials, or packaging. These knives are particularly appealing to collectors, as they are produced in limited quantities and may carry additional value.

Most Sought-After Models by Collectors

The most sought-after Uncle Henry knife models by collectors are those that are rare, discontinued, or have historical significance. These knives tend to fetch higher prices and are often the centerpiece of a collector’s display.

Uncle Henry Knife Serial Numbers and Valuation

Factors Affecting Knife Value

  1. Age: Older knives, particularly those produced in the early days of serialization, may be more valuable due to their scarcity and historical significance.
  2. Rarity: Limited edition, commemorative, or discontinued models are typically more valuable, as they are harder to find.
  3. Condition: The knife’s condition plays a significant role in determining its value. Knives in pristine or near-mint condition tend to command higher prices.

Tips for Determining the Value of Your Knife

  1. Research the knife’s production year, model number, and rarity to understand its potential value.
  2. Consult price guides, online auctions, or collector forums to get an idea of the market value of similar knives.
  3. Seek advice from experienced collectors or reputable dealers to help assess your knife’s value.

Price Guides and Resources

Several price guides and resources can assist collectors in determining the value of their Uncle Henry knives. These resources include:

  1. Online collector forums and discussion groups
  2. Uncle Henry knife price guides, available in print or online
  3. Auction sites and sales listings from reputable dealers

Caring for Your Uncle Henry Knife Collection

Proper Storage Techniques

To preserve the value and condition of your Uncle Henry knives, follow these storage tips:

  1. Store knives in a dry, temperature-controlled environment to prevent rust and corrosion.
  2. Use knife rolls, display cases, or storage boxes with individual compartments to protect knives from scratches and damage.
  3. Avoid storing knives in sheaths for extended periods, as moisture and chemicals in the sheath material can damage the blade.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your Uncle Henry knives in top condition. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Clean your knives regularly with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner to remove dirt, fingerprints, and oils.
  2. Apply a thin layer of oil to the blade to protect it from rust and corrosion.
  3. Sharpen the blade as needed to maintain its cutting performance, using a sharpening stone or a knife sharpener designed for the specific blade type.

Preserving Knife Value Over Time

To preserve the value of your Uncle Henry knife collection, adhere to these practices:

  1. Keep the original packaging, certificates of authenticity, and any accompanying documentation, as these materials can enhance the knife’s value.
  2. Handle your knives with care to prevent damage, and avoid using collectible knives for everyday tasks.
  3. Regularly monitor the condition of your knives and perform maintenance as needed to prevent deterioration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find the serial number on my Uncle Henry knife?

The serial number is typically engraved on the blade or the bolster of the knife. Look for a combination of letters and numbers, which represents the production year, model number, and unique identifier.

Are all Uncle Henry knives serialized?

Serialization began in the early 1980s, so not all Uncle Henry knives have serial numbers. Knives produced before this time will not have a serial number, but they may still be valuable due to their age and rarity.

Can I use the serial number to determine the value of my knife?

While the serial number can provide information about the knife’s production year and model, it is only one factor in determining its value. Condition, rarity, and demand also play a significant role in a knife’s value.


Uncle Henry knife serial numbers offer collectors a wealth of information about their knives, from production details to the model’s history. Understanding how to decode and interpret these numbers is essential for any serious collector, as it can help authenticate, value, and preserve their collection. 

With this in-depth guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to delve into the world of Uncle Henry knife serial numbers and enhance your appreciation for these timeless American treasures. Keep this guide handy as you build and care for your collection, and enjoy the rewarding journey of knife collecting.

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james hough

I have an uncle Hendry schrade + lb7 usa knife. serial# a z74404. can u tell me how old it is and what its worth in good condition?


Knife marked: SCHRADE+ over USA LB7 with serial number C13331. Does it have any value? It does not lock when fully open, but does lock when closing just past half way closed, until release is pressed. Thank you in advance.

Juanita cowett

Can you tell me how much a uncle henry A16719 with Shrade USA LB8 on the stamp. When production was also please

Emmett Stark

I have a Schrade knife that I inherited when my grandfather passed. on the tang of the blade is Schrade+ USA LB7 the serial number is #BB07591 if possible are you able to tell me roughly between what it was made?


I received an Uncle Henry Schrade + LB7 USA knife from my grandpa with a serial number of X12796. Can anyone tell me how old it is?

Robert MacFarlane

Uncle Henry
What do I have? Its a great knife and when I’m not using it I’m using my Buck. I switch them out periodically. The articles description in Identification is a bit confusing. so your insight to clarification will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Robert MacFarlane

[email protected]

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