Is Piranha Knives Out Of Business?

One can’t imagine it even in their scary dream if they’re going for a leisurely swim to be attacked by a school of piranhas. But hapless swimmers could face a luckless day.

Fun apart, it’s Piranha Knives that will not hunt your dreams, from some ugly teeth rushing you, nor even feel you unfortunate.

Piranha Amazon was my all-time favorite knife when I am on a tour or I am doing some household. I would like to have one more but was not able to find their website for the updated version. But it was not there.

I was both surprised and shocked. Why are my favorite knives not easily available? Is Piranha knife out of business? I was thinking about this and made some good searches where are they now. I will share in this article my findings.

Is Piranha Knives Out of Business?

No, I still find some of the renowned models on several sellers’ websites. That heaves me a sigh of relief, but why are not they easily found like they were available in the early years?

It was never official that Piranha Knives is out of business. The company did not announce directly that it was going to shut down operations. Recently, I checked their official website, Piranha Knife Company. But the website redirects to another eCommerce seller.

Thinking of giving an extraordinary Piranha knife to your nearest one?
BOKER PLUS 02BO005 Piranha Pocketknife (View on Amazon) is an awesome option on an affordable budget.

BOKER PLUS 02BO005 Piranha Pocketknife

BOKER PLUS 02BO005 Piranha Pocketknife

  • Designed by Scott McGhee
  • Can be worn around the neck or on a belt
  • Includes belt Adapter
  • Shipped with Kydex sheath
  • Blade length: 3.0-Inches. Overall length: 6.1-Inches. Weight: 3.6-Ounces

This comes as a surprise to many like me, as Piranha has been one of the leading manufacturers of knives and other cutting tools for more than 20 years. I have been loving to use their serrated knives, and I would still be proud to have a new one.

But, what caused the downfall of Piranha? How did an established brand disappear without much uproar? We still don’t know, but I would love to hear on a fine morning they get back with their great set of catchy, handy knives.

Are Piranha Knives Any Good?

Piranha knives is an established knife brand, well-known for producing sharp and durable knives. Many people who own piranha knives say that they are some of the best knives they have ever owned.

While there are some negative reviews about piranha knives, most of its users are happy claiming they are well worth the money and would recommend them to others.

Piranha Knives Out Of Business

Where are Piranha Knives Made?

Although there are many other companies that have settled their production facilities in China due to cheap labor costs, Piranha knives are purely USA-made tools. The manufacturing plant is in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Why are Piranha OTF Knives Best?

Piranha OTF (out-the-front) knives are generally considered to be good because of their quick and easy deployment. They’re also very concealable, which is another plus.

And finally, most OTF knives come with a blade safety mechanism that helps prevent accidental deployment and injuries. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these points:

Quick and Easy Deployment

OTF knives are designed for fast and easy one-handed opening. This is accomplished by having the blade stored inside the handle (usually in the form of a small spring-loaded piston).

To deploy the blade, you simply push a button or switch on the side of the handle – this releases the blade from its storage position and propels it forward out of the handle.

The whole process takes just a couple of seconds and can be done with one hand, making it ideal for self-defense situations.


Since OTF knives don’t have a fixed blade, they’re much easier to conceal than traditional pocket knives. This makes them ideal for EDC (everyday carry) applications.

You can simply tuck them away in your pocket or clipped to your belt without anyone being any wiser. And if you do need to use it in self-defense, chances are your attacker won’t even see it coming until it’s too late. 

Blade Safety Mechanism

As mentioned earlier, most OTF knives come with some sort of blade safety mechanism – this could be an internal locking system, trigger guard, or thumb slide/button lock (to name just a few).

These mechanisms help prevent accidental deployment of the blade, which is obviously a good thing.

It also helps keep your fingers safe when you’re carrying the knife around in your pocket since you don’t have to worry about the blade suddenly popping out and slicing you up.

Piranha Knives on a table

What are the Knives That Pop Out Called?

The knives that pop out of the toaster are called pop-up knives. They are used to remove toast from the toaster.

What are the Some Good Knife Brands?

Now I would like to suggest to you some of the brands currently producing the best knives on the market, especially the automatic ones.

Gerber Gear, Smith & Wesson, Hogue, and Spyderco are doing great with sharper designs and reasonable prices.

However, looking for the best quality Survival knife? Smith & Wesson Folding Knife is a quite good option for Tactical Knife.

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

  • Dimensions: 7.1 Inch (18 Cm) Overall Length With A Blade Length Of 3.1 Inches (7.9 Cm) And A Weight Of 3.5 Ounces
  • Durable: Blade Is Made Of Reliable 7Cr17Mov Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel With A Black, Aluminum Handle
  • Dependable: Quick And Easy Access With The Convenient Pocket Clip, Finger Flipper And Ambidextrous Thumb Knobs Making It Ideal For Everyday Carry

Piranha Knives – All Models Review Video

Final Verdict

Piranha knives are a handy tool, flexible for indoor and outdoor uses. The quality was never compromised, with a limited lifetime warranty.

The premium brand seller has a bunch of great knives to make your life easy. I would still recommend you to have one whether there are other manufacturers that are not beyond the competition.

I'm Justin, co-founder of AllofKitchen and your knife and steel specialist. My extensive experience ensures accurate and hands-on advice on every topic. Turn to me for insights on selecting the best knife or maintaining your steel tools to perfection. Knives aren't just tools; they're an extension of the chef, and I'm here to guide you to the perfect fit.

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